The Neuromechanics and Ergonomics LAB

Consulting Services

Please contact Mike to discuss our services in more detail

Research (Product) Evaluation

We can work with companies to provide ergonomics evaluation and consultation for product design (research and development).

  • Laboratory and field testing with state of the art equipment
  • Quantify physical demands
  • Occupational biomechanics


Mike is available to provide ergonomics assessments and consultations for your workplace.

  • Physical demands assessment
  • Job specific analysis
  • Office and workstation assessment
  • Educational and awareness sessions
  • On-site ergonomics programs

Workplace/Corporate Wellness Programs

Mike can provide workplace wellness programs for your business or corporation.

  • Educational sessions and workshops
  • Ergonomics assessments
  • Health and fitness solutions (strength training etc.)
  • On-site ergonomics programs

Hexyoo Scientific Inc. & Opus Gel

Mike is part of a start up company that custom produces a visco-elastic polymer (Opus Gel). We are winners of the 2016 Spark Ignite Durham Pitch competition. Check us out!