The Neuromechanics and Ergonomics LAB

The Neuromechanics and Ergonomics Lab

Mike leads the Neuromechanics and Ergonomics Lab at Brock University. The lab has an upper extremity and neuromechanical control focus. The lab aims to better understand the link between muscle recruitment, control and mechanics of the hand and forearm during workplace related tasks.

The Neuromechanics and Ergonomics lab at Brock University offers ~1700 sq feet of space and features state-of-the-art biomechanics, neurophysiology and ergonomics hardware and software, including:

Motion Capture

  • 10 camera Vicon Vantage + Vero motion capture system (


  • 2 – 8 channel Bortec AMT-8 EMG systems with an extended bandwidth for fine-wire EMG (

Force Measurement

  • Haptic wrist robot (WristBOT, Italian Institute of Technology)
  • MIE Medical Research Ltd – Grip Dynamometer (
  • Various load cells (
  • 6 dof load cell
  • Mark 10 Advanced Ergonomics Testing Kit
  • 2 Force Plates


Analogue to Digital (A/D)

  • Cambridge Electronic Design (Power 1401) data acquisition
  • National Instruments A/D – NI USB-6363 – 32 Channel
  • Vicon Lock + 64 channel


  • Visual 3D
  • Matlab
  • Labview
  • Spike2

Images of our Equipment, Studies & Lab!

Scroll through some of the images taken from our research projects. This is work from the Holmes Lab and via other collaborations.